Where to give birth

Choosing where to give birth is one of your biggest decisions. It entirely depends on your preference, and your (and your baby’s) health during the last nine months.

You can explore your options with your midwife or consultant, and your family. In most cases we’ll encourage you to choose whatever feels right to you.

Birth centre

Our birth centre is a home away from home for mums who want a natural birth.

We have six rooms with modern equipment like birthing balls, matts, bean bags, and chairs. All our rooms have en-suite bathrooms. Two rooms have water birthing pools.

You’ll have one-to-one support from our incredible and experienced natural birth specialist midwives – but don’t worry – medical assistance is close by if you need it.

Speak to your midwife at your next antenatal appointment for information.

Delivery suite

In our delivery suite, your birth is supported by our team of doctors and midwives.

With 11 spacious birthing rooms (all with en-suite bathrooms), eight specialist beds, and two maternity theatres, we provide all levels of care during labour and birth.

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Help us improve our website. How useful was this page?